State-of-the-Art Technology for

Data Analytics and a lot more

Our data-driven, decision-making integrated AI/ML based platform which is technology agnostic and potential scenario planning helps you elevate your business to the next level. Our scalable platform is competent to address your prospective opportunities and next-generation needs. We take control of data management in all disciplines that defines your future business aided by our flexible and bespoke functionalities.

Our Solutions

State-of-the-Art Technology

At the core of all DDSS solutions is a versatile analytics ecosystem comprised of open-source libraries for machine learning and complex web development frameworks to implement the machine learning capabilities. The architecture is compatible with both on-premises deployments for sensitive workloads as well as virtual-private cloud enabled implementations in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and other environments. DDSS also provides container-ised solutions that can b deployed in various operating systems for consistency.

ML and AI Open-Source Software Stack

The ML/AI Open-Source Software (OSS) Stack comprises of R, Python, and Julia libraries. Popular ML packages such as scikit-learn, tensorflow, pyTorch (Python), caret, e1071, nnet (in R), JuliaML utilities are pre-configured within the solutions and can be executed in-database.

High-Performance Computing Hardware Stack

All solutions are backed by a High-Performance Computing (HPC) architecture stack that comprises of NVMe and GPU based AWS EC2 instances for fast I/O, multi-core parallel processing and deep learning capabilities via GPU integration.

Web Frameworks and Visualisation

Web-frameworks from the Javascript world, the industry and enterprise standard, power all of DDSS applications. Our full-stack team leverages well-known solutions such as Angular, Ember, React, and Node.js to deliver functionality-rich interactive front-ends for end-users to make use of the underlying machine learning capabilities.

Governance, Security, and Administration

All solutions from DDSS include an administrative layer that includes various administrative functionalities such as user management, auditing, and granular table-level access control. Industry-leading security standards are integrated along with a governance layer that includes process management.


We use the fastest data backend alongside powerful its querying tool and combine it with our versatile in-house framework for building Apps and running Analytics.


Our solution bundles a suite of advanced machine learning algorithms tailored for diverse data analytics requirements. It can dynamically and simultaneously analyze multiple cohort features.

Full Stack

We offer complete stack of Business Intelligence solution: beginning from data loading and ending in high quality visualization backed by powerful analytics and everything in-between.


Our turnkey BI solution is agnostic to underlying domain allowing it to be quickly deployed for any vertical. We have proven models across verticals including Pharma / Healthcare and Insurance.